Powering the switch

STOR Power is a private limited company established to develop, construct and operate flexible reserve power facilities in the UK to support the transition to a low carbon future.

STOR Power was founded in 2015 after significant success working in the UK solar industry and a realisation by its founder, Jon Antoniou, that demand would increase for reserve power due to the phasing out of old coal, CCGT and nuclear plants, and the intermittent and unreliable nature of renewable energy.

Our mission is to provide power when others are unable to.



The management team has a cumulative 100+ years of experience in the energy and infrastructure sectors.

Jon Antoniou

Jon Antoniou

CEO and Founder

Jon Antoniou is the CEO and Founder of STOR with over 20 years of experience in the construction industry of which 18 years are within the energy sector.

Jon began his first business venture in 2010 as CEO and Founder of Eco NRG Group, a very successful solar developer, installer and O&M provider. In 2015, Jon could see that solar developments were diminishing in the UK due to drastic subsidy reductions. At the same time, there was an increasing demand for reserve power and as a result STOR Power was founded.

Jon’s mission is to enhance and positively influence the UK electricity network via renewable energy and reserve power technologies and to create investment opportunities for other like-minded individuals.

Aaron Swain

Aaron Swain

Chief Operating Officer
Aaron Swain is the Chief Operating Officer at STOR Power with circa 20 years of experience in the construction industry and 8 yrs in the energy sector.

Aaron joined Eco NRG Group in 2012 as a construction worker for its large-scale solar developments, but soon progressed to Site Supervisor. He successfully managed over 50MW of solar projects. When STOR Power was founded, Aaron was offered the position of Senior Project Manager and has since progressed to Chief Operating Officer.

Aaron has a clear understanding of the entire development and construction process and has a “roll your sleeves up” mentality, which is a necessary attribute for a COO.

Jenka Kaslik

Jenka Kaslik

Chief Technical Officer

Jenka Kaslik is the Chief Technical Officer at STOR Power with over 20 years of experience in the energy, waste and minerals sectors.

Formerly Technical Director at a leading planning consultancy, specialising in the delivery of complex planning projects and Environmental Impact Assessments, Jenka joined STOR Power in early 2017.

Jenka has a sound knowledge of UK planning and environmental legislation gained through working in both the private and public sectors. She has significant experience of working with developers, local authorities, elected councillors and local communities on a wide range of projects.

Kim Lock

Kim Lock

Finance Director

Kim Lock is Finance Director at STOR with over 15 years in finance covering various industries including energy, construction and recycled aggregates.

Kim has supported businesses through business start-ups to growth as well as whole business sales, while providing strategic reports and assistance as part of the senior team to ensure decisions are made in a timely manner.

Kim’s strengths lie in problem solving, reporting, forecasting and analysis, while also being hands on in the operation of the finance team and business.

Anthony Lindley

Anthony Lindley

General Counsel

Anthony Lindley is General Counsel at STOR Power with over 10 years of experience in the energy and renewables sector.

Anthony studied at Exeter University where he graduated with a 2:1 (Hons) mechanical engineering degree and subsequently retrained and qualified as a solicitor in Bristol. He previously worked at a number of large UK Top 50 law firms and has acted for developers, landlords, tenants, purchasers, vendors and funders on a wide range of real estate matters. These include developments of solar, wind, hydro, AD, biomass, energy storage and gas peaking plants.

In 2017 Anthony was selected by the Law Society to be part of their brand campaign as ‘The Face of the Legal Profession’. Anthony joined the team in 2018.

April Picton

General Manager

April Picton is General Manager at STOR Power with over 10 years of management experience and has been with the company since inception.

April supports the team on a wide variety of tasks as well as ensuring that our communication and filing systems are consistent and effective. Seemingly able to turn her hand to any task we throw her way, she has always been a much cherished part of the team.

Marcin Cendrowski

M. Cendrowski

Principal Designer

Marcin Cendrowski is the Principal Designer at STOR with over 10 years of experience designing alternative energy infrastructure projects.

Marcin has been with STOR since 2014 and has played a key role as we designed vast numbers of solar pv arrays and then made the transition in 2016 to reserve power developments. With an uncanny understanding of the intricacies of CAD he has recently also been developing his IT skillset to include the dark arts of app development.

Steph Roach

Steph Marvin

Gas Connections Manager

Steph Marvin (previously Roach) joined STOR Power in January 2019 to lead the start-up of STOR Power Utilities (SPU) as the Gas Connections Manager.

With 14 years of experience in the gas industry working for the UK’s largest Gas Distribution Network, Steph has all the knowledge, experience and contacts required to head up the Gas Connections department of SPU.

Steph has undertaken various key roles over the years in the industry, with Design & Connections being her specialist subject. With a can-do attitude, Steph is totally committed to ensuring  SPU is the best in the business; to deliver second-to-none, reliable and competitive services to her customers – 100% of the time.

Philip Bale

Philip Bale

Grid Connections Manager

Philip has a 1st class honours degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and has worked in the Transmission & Distribution sector for 10 years.

Philip’s experience includes developing and managing the High Voltage (HV) and Extra High Voltage (EHV) network reinforcement programme and the connections of Distributed Generation and demand, developing HV and EHV networks to the required technical and regulatory standards. He is adept in using both conventional and Smart Grid techniques, contributing to developments and guidance at an industry level. Philip Bale is the Grid Connections Manager at STOR Power Utilities (SPU).

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